GIZEH BLACK King Size Slim Ultrafine Rolling Papers, 34 Sheets

New GIZEH BLACK King Size Slim Ultrafine Rolling Papers, 34 Sheets

GIZEH BLACK 14g / m² King Size Slim, are practically transparent, extra fine leaves with a gum of natural gum arabic, the juice of acacia tree. Extra fine paper ensures the pure and pure enjoyment. The leaflets in King Size Slim format, are extra long and pleasantly soft and comfortable to wear. Each 34 leaflets in a pack, with magnetic closure.

GIZEH BLACK King Size Slim's in a practical hard cover booklet with magnetic closure:

  • Made in Germany: GIZEH papers have been produced in Germany since 1920.
  • Cellulose: Paper is made of pulp. The pulp for GIZEH script is obtained environmentally friendly by thinning trees.
  • Slow burning: Burning off: The paper goes out, if not thought.
  • Magnetic closure: Resealable booklet with magnetic closure. Packaging magnet are fully recyclable.
  • Gum arabic: Gum arabic gum. Gum arabic is extracted from acacia resin. It takes a moment for the adhesive force to fully unfold.


  • 14 g / m² Ultrafine
  • 34 sheets
  • Resealable with magnetic closure

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