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The Austrian pain association is a community of interest for pain patients, their relatives, doctors, therapists and people who are interested in this topic. The pain association has made it its mission to make affected people heard and is constantly working to recognize chronic pain as a separate disease in order to open up new possibilities for the treatment and prevention of chronic pain.

Deutscher Hanfverband (DHV)

The German hemp association, short DHV, is a professional advocacy of the German hemp industry. The long-term goal of the DHV is the legalization of hemp products as a stimulant. The DHV is already working against discrimination against hemp consumers and is committed to facilitating the use of hemp as an ecological raw material and for medical purposes in Germany.


Weedmaps is an online service that allows users to find cannabis companies in their area. Rate and discuss in the community. The Weedmaps database contains over 3,000 international cannabis companies, as well as a wealth of information about cannabis and its uses.