BERNESE ALPS KUSH - 4% CBD Cannabidiol Cannabis Buds, 10g

Sold Out BERNESE ALPS KUSH - 4% CBD Cannabidiol Cannabis Buds, 10g

CBD BERNESE ALPS KUSH Blossoms, about 6% CBD content - 10 grams

The cannabis sativa L. dried (female) hemp flowers have a very high cannabidiol (CBD) content of 4% and a very low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content of <0.2%. The mild taste is very similar to the taste of high-quality marijuana and is hardly distinguishable from it. BERNESE ALPS KUSH is thus legally available throughout the EU and not psychoactive.

CANVORY Cannabis flowers with 4% CBD

BERNESE ALPS KUSH is produced in our outdoor breeding plant in the Swiss mountains. Cultivation is purely biological, ie free of any herbicides or pesticides. The small to medium sized flowers are hand harvested and trimmed by our professional team. BERNESE ALPS KUSH has a moderate CBD content (4%) and a very low THC content (<0.2%). The semen content is <1%.


CBD content: approx. 4%

THC content: <0.2%

Taste: mild

Cultivation: outdoor, organic

Ingredients: Dried CBD-rich EU utility hemp flowers (Cannabis Sativa L.)

Important note: Keep out of reach of children. The hemp flowers serve as raw material - not intended for consumption.

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